Bathroom & En-Suite

Adding an en-suite to an additional bedroom in your loft conversion is a great way to add value to your home in addition to the obvious practical benefits. In a family home, waiting around for the bathroom becomes part of everyday life if there’s only one WC in the house. And once your kids hit their teenage years, your bathroom could be occupied for hours at a time.

An en suite gives you your own bathroom space and relieves some of the footfall in the main family bathroom. When you’re all getting ready for work or school in the morning, the extra bathroom can make all the difference between being late and being on time.

And one of the most amazing things about loft conversions is you can bring in so much light from above. Windows in the roof allow up to 3 times the amount of light than a standard vertical window, so why not add an en-suite to your loft conversion.

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