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Manchester Loft Conversions

5 Steps to Hiring a Reputable Loft Conversion Company

Hiring a Reputable Loft Conversion Company

If you are planning to have a Manchester loft conversion done, you have to be sure that the loft conversion company you hire to do the work is competent and trustworthy.  You wouldn’t want to be encumbered with an unprofessional or incompetent builder halfway through the work. This will afford you a considerable amount of emotional stress, as well as a financial loss that naturally follows your poor choice of contractor.

Take These Steps To Choose Your Loft Conversion Company

Follow these necessary steps in choosing a good Manchester loft conversion company to ensure that your loft conversion will proceed without a hitch, and most importantly, you get the results you want.

1. Do research on the available loft conversion companies in your area. It would be best to ask family and friends for recommendations of companies they have had previous experience with. Obtain quotes or estimates on how much your prospective contractors charge for the work you want done.

2. Ask trusted family and friends about their experience with the company of your choice. This is a good way to ascertain that you get a high quality of work for your loft conversion. You could also check on the work ethics and professionalism of the company’s contractors by simply asking friends who have already met and worked with them before.

3. Before signing any contracts, check the credentials of your chosen loft conversion company. Of course the company should be licensed. It would be good if the loft conversion company is a member of recognised trade associations to attest that it is indeed legitimate, and also to guarantee that their work is within standards. Be sure that your contractor has liability insurance in case their work results to damage to your home.

loft conversion company

4. Have everything in writing. A clear and carefully planned contract would be advantageous to both parties, as this would protect the interests of everyone involved. Estimates, warranties, and all the work that would be done should be clearly stipulated in the contract to avoid confusion on the results that you want. This would also eliminate any hidden charges. A standard contract must contain warranty details, acceptable forms of payment, payment schedule, and an estimated timeframe for your loft conversion to be done.

5. Don’t hesitate to review the contract to ensure that it adheres with your country’s laws. You could also seek a solicitor to check the contract for any errors or inconsistencies.

In opting for a Manchester loft conversion, doing it right the first time is the only way to go. Remember that at the end of the work, the most important thing is your satisfaction and the safety of your home and family.

Beware of Hiring the Cheapest or Most Expensive Loft Conversion Company

Going for the cheapest loft conversion company around will not give you this assurance.

Hiring an expensive loft conversion company would also not be a guarantee of good quality work.


loft conversion company

If worse comes to worse, you could end up with even more expenses than you bargained for if you hire the wrong people. The best way to get your money’s worth is to be detailed in choosing a loft conversion company based on their reputation and previous work, and to supervise, or at least check every once in a while, the flow of work in your home.

Does Your Proposed Manchester Loft Conversion Require Building Regulations Planning Permission?

Manchester Loft Conversion and Building Regulations Planning Permission

A Manchester loft conversion has become a popular option for people who need more space in the house. It is an excellent way to maximize unused space by converting it into a room such as a bedroom, playroom, bathroom, or an office, among others. A Manchester loft conversion also increases the value of your house by approximately 20%, a very lucrative deal indeed.

If you are planning to have a Manchester loft conversion, you must secure all the papers and permits necessary to ensure that the project will go ahead without a hitch. This should be done before starting construction, or else you risk encountering a roadblock in the middle of the work.

If your loft will be a room, you must have your building plans approved by the local authorities. A Building Control Surveyor will also inspect the work being done to check if it does not violate the existing loft conversion regulations. On the other hand, building regulations will not be as strict if the loft will be used simply for storage.

Your Manchester Loft Conversion Probably Won’t Need Planning Permission

Most loft conversions do not require a loft conversion planning permission, as they are considered to be a part of your developmental rights. Before proceeding with the work, it is best to check if your proposed plan does need planning permission or not. This will eliminate any possibility of your project being stopped by the authorities in the middle of the construction.

Your planned Manchester loft conversion will not be allowed if a part of the new structure rises higher than the existing part of the roof at present. It is also necessary that the structure will not exceed the house’s current floor plan. Also, your house must not be located in a conservation area, or else a loft conversion will not be permitted to push through.

Loft conversion regulations are imposed to ensure that the safety of people in and around the building will not be jeopardized in any way. Here are the following factors that you must check:

It is important that the structure you are working with is strong enough in these areas: the load-bearing walls or foundation, the existing first floor lintels, and the ceiling joints. Some loft conversions need extra steel beams to support the new structure. Seek an expert to check on this. Installing a fire escape would be a good option since lofts are way above the ground. Fire resisting doors should also be in place so that there would be a safe path leading to the ground floor exit. The stairs of the loft must not be too steep to avoid any accidents. There must also be enough headroom in this area, as well as adequate step sizes and rails, so as to make the staircase and the room itself more comfortable to move in.

In building your Manchester loft conversion, always follow the guidelines and abide by the regulations of the local authorities

These rules are in place to keep the people in and around the establishment free from any physical danger that might arise if the loft was built improperly.

Rest assured, all Manchester loft conversion projects adhere to strict planning rules and regulations.

The Advantages of Getting a Manchester Loft Conversion for Your Home

Why Should You Choose A Manchester Loft Conversion?

A loft conversion is the process of converting your attic space into a functional room. This type of extension is widely used now because of the numerous benefits the homeowner gets from it.

Growing families need more space. In today’s economic constraints, a Manchester loft conversion is a budget-friendly and practical way of finding room for the new members of the family. The once dark attic where old, unused junk is dumped could be turned into a bedroom, a playroom, a bathroom complete with a tub, or even an office. This room could easily be considered the best part of the house because it receives the most light, and the view from the top is always breathtaking. A Manchester Loft Conversion turns a cramped house into a two storey house, so to speak. The kids will surely find it exciting to explore and discover what is hidden above the staircase; a new addition to the house that is great for family bonding time. In time, a balcony could also be constructed adjacent to the loft, to add to the aesthetic value of your house.

Save on the Cost of Moving With A Manchester Loft Conversion

A Manchester loft conversion is also much cheaper than moving house. The cost of housing is fast increasing, and it is no longer a practical solution to lack of space. This dilemma could easily be remedied by a Manchester loft conversion. Your loft can be nearly as spacious as the whole floor of your house, depending on how you choose to construct it. The only limitations to the conversion are that it must not exceed the existing floor plan boundary, and it must not rise higher than the highest part of the roof as it is right now.

Obtaining planning permission is one of the hassles for home extensions. Fortunately, this process is now a lot easier since the government has ceased to be too strict about this. It is now possible for homeowners to extend their property by way of loft conversion without having to go through the tedious task of procuring a planning permission. The extensions that do require this will now find the process quicker and less stressful than before.

A Manchester Loft Conversion Will Add Value to Your Home

Another important benefit of a Manchester loft conversion is that it adds value to your property. No matter what you convert the space for, the value of your house will surely increase by 20%; this is according to the latest Housing Market Research. It is but important that you manage the expenses of the conversion well in order to maximize the benefits you get. Choosing a good Manchester loft conversion company to do the job will assure you high quality results, in turn increasing the value of your home by a substantial amount.

Truly, a Manchester loft conversion would be the best option to have more room in the house. Through this method, you and your family could have the space you need, without the unfamiliarity of a new house. It could be a wonderful experience – creating good memories in a new room, right in the coziness of your own familiar home.

Call Manchester Loft Conversion now to see how we can convert your loft into a beautiful room.

Loft Conversions: Utilising The Unused Space in Your Home

Loft Conversions Offer The Ideal Solution to Lack of Space

If you are you wondering what to do with your unused attic space, why not consider looking at our loft conversions? It seems that this part of the house has no other purpose than to store old items, some could even be considered junk. Such clutter could do nothing for you but be breeding places for pests and rodents. Why not dispose of the stuff you do not use anymore? A garage sale would be a good idea. There could be other uses for your space other than storage of these items. Manchester Loft Conversion could easily turn your unused space into a functional room, one that would give you more benefits than simply a place for storage.

Loft conversions have grown in popularity because of the many advantages one could have from this method of development. As a family grows larger and the children become older, it would be a practical move to convert the attic space into a bedroom, entertainment room, a bathroom, or an office. Using this space would afford your family more space to move about and would eliminate the feeling of being cramped in a limited space. Thus, staying at home to hang out and bond with your family would be a lot more comfortable.

Loft Conversions Increase the Value of Your Home


Aside from the additional space you could use, loft conversions also add value to your house at an estimated figure of 20% above its original value. This is a valuable asset since the increase in value will more than cover the cost of your loft conversion. If ever you make the decision to sell your house or and move elsewhere, you could get a good deal for it since it could be sold for a considerably larger amount than when you bought it. This is made possible because of loft conversions.

Here are some of the most common loft conversion ideas:

A Dormer is a window-featured extension of the roof. It provides more space and headroom within the loft as well as good staircase access. This is a popular type of loft conversion because of its aesthetic qualities.

Roofline loft conversions create a room within the existing shape of the roof. It uses Velux windows for light and ventilation. Extending or altering the shape of the roof is not necessary for a roofline conversion. This is an excellent choice if you simply need a small bedroom or office.

In addition to roof window and dormer conversions, there are less common hip to gable and mansard conversions.

Always Hire A Reputable Loft Conversions Company

In opting for loft conversions, you must ensure that you get a capable and trustworthy loft conversion company that will give you the results that you want. Loft conversion specialists are experts in this field. They can help you plan your loft conversion the way you want it to be done. There are plenty of companies to choose from, but you must find a company that is known to produce high quality work, while still staying within your budget. With the help of a good loft conversion company, the beauty of your home could be enhanced in more ways than one. This is where we at Manchester Loft Conversion can help you. Our loft conversions are competitive, so why not call us for a free no obligation quote?

The Dos and Don'ts of Hiring a Loft Conversion Company

Hiring a Loft Conversion Company

Having a loft conversion is a cost-effective way of utilizing unused attic space. It is indeed much more practical than moving house. Hiring a good Manchester Loft Conversion company is the most important step if you want to have a loft conversion done. The outcome of your loft relies greatly on whether you have chosen the right contractor.

Here Are Some Dos and Don’ts to Consider When Hiring a Loft Conversion Company:

In picking a loft conversion company to do the work for you, it is imperative that you do research online or ask your family and friends for referrals. Do queries from trusted people who have had previous work experience with your prospective contractor. Get loft conversion quotes from at least three sources. This way, you get to compare the prices of different companies. However, do not automatically jump at the cheapest price offered. You might end up spending more money fixing a substandard job from a cheap contractor. Likewise, the most expensive contractor does not always deliver the best results. A good way to evaluate a contractor’s dependability is by checking out their actual work. You will get a good overview of what you could expect from them by doing this.

Hire a Loft Conversion Company With a Good Track Record

It is also good to hire a Manchester loft conversion company that has been in the business for some time and has an extensive experience and skill. These people are aptly called loft conversion specialists. They could be a big help in giving you sound advice on how you can maximize the space that you have; what could go here and there, and the like.

Be sure to check if the Manchester loft conversion company you have chosen is licensed and is a member of recognized trade associations. This will assure you that the company is legitimate and reputable. Thus, you will feel secure in hiring them.

Have everything in writing. Be clear on what you want, and secure a contract that stipulates all the work that has to be done, the manner of payment, the amount that you would have to pay them, when you are supposed to pay them, how long the work is expected to take, and of course, details regarding the warranty of their work. Read the contract thoroughly and be alert for any hidden charges.

Choose a loft conversion company that has professional and courteous staff. You will be seeing these people everyday, and it would be quite stressful to put up with them if they are rude or inconsiderate. It would definitely be easier to get the results you want if you could communicate well and give timely feedback to your contractor.

Don’t rush in finding the best Manchester loft conversion company for you. Take your time to examine the factors necessary to have a smooth work flow. For high quality work at a reasonable price, all the effort you put into choosing the right loft conversion company would be well worth your money and time.

What You Need To Know About Loft Conversions

Loft Conversions: What You Need to Know

Loft Conversions have become one of the most popular forms of home improvement in the UK. This is because of the numerous benefits a loft conversion has.

A loft conversion is the process of turning your attic into a functional room. This unused space could be converted into a bedroom, bathroom, entertainment room, a children’s playroom, and the like. Loft conversions also increase the value of your house by approximately 20%.

The two most common types of loft conversions are the roofline conversion and the dormer conversion. Roofline conversions are preferred by some people because it is not necessary to extend or alter the existing shape of your roof, thus it would be unnecessary to restructure the roof itself.


A dormer conversion would require an extension of the existing roof shape usually to the rear of the roof.


The size and general design of this type of loft conversion can vary. In the UK, the installation of a dormer is subject to planning permission requirements from the local authorities. The prerequisite to loft conversions to be granted under permitted development rights are as follows: the new structure must not be higher than the existing highest part of the roof at present. This new structure should not exceed the current floor plan boundary, and the property must not be in a conservation area.

DIY Loft Conversions Versus Hiring a Professional Company

Although DIY methods are possible, it would be better to hire the professionals in opting for loft conversions.  Hiring a loft conversion company will cost more than doing it yourself, but by doing so, you will be spared from a lot of stress brought about by the large amount of work, and you can be sure that the bed won’t fall from under your feet.

Choosing the right company for your loft conversions is very important. You would not want to leave the development of your home to incapable and unreliable hands. It is advisable to check the previous work of a loft conversion company and getting valuable input from a friend or neighbour who has already hired them before. This will assure you of the quality of their work, and of course will also vouch for their work ethics and competency.

To get a good deal on loft conversions, it is also possible to obtain loft conversion quotes from third parties. This service is readily available on the internet. Getting quotes will enable you to compare and choose cheaper service charges from among the companies listed.

Loft Conversions Will Increase The Value of Your Home

A loft conversion will indeed be an asset to your home. It will provide you with much needed space which you could use for whatever purpose you have in mind. Careful planning and wise decision making will go a long way in your home development. Be hands-on in overseeing the work being done; meticulously check the work and also the charges billed to you. Check the company’s reputation and previous work before getting their services. Be clear with your contractor on what results you want to have and talk about a considerable time frame to complete the work. Follow these guidelines, and you will be certain of having good results, while keeping you stress and worry free.

To learn more about our beautiful loft conversions, call Manchester Loft Conversion today for a competitive quote.

Welcome to Manchester Loft Conversion Dot Com

Welcome to Manchester Loft Conversion

If you can’t move out, move up! Do you need more space, maybe an extra room or two, but can’t move for whatever the reason from your current home? Why move out when you have the solution to your problem right under your roof? We at Manchester Loft Conversion are the answer to your accommodation problem. We are the specialists when it comes to loft conversions in Manchester.

Let Manchester Loft Conversion Enhance the Space in Your Home

Most lofts can be converted to give you that extra space you crave. Whether it’s an extra bedroom, bathroom, office or gym you need, then why not put that space in your loft to good use with a good quality Manchester loft conversion? Forget the fact that for years you’ve always used the loft as a dumping ground for your junk. It’s a whole new floor just waiting to be converted into valuable living space.

Manchester Loft Conversion = A Sound Investment in Your Home

Loft conversions can often prove a cheaper alternative to moving, and are a sound investment in what is probably your greatest asset. They will add value to your property often exceeding the cost to convert your loft in the first place. A Manchester loft conversion is the perfect solution during the uncertain economic climate in which we are living.

So what are you waiting for? Call Manchester Loft Conversion today for a competitive quote.

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